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:pencil: Markdown code for lots of small badges :ribbon: :pushpin: (, etc) :sunglasses:. Contributions are welcome! Please add yours!

List of Badges, in Markdown

A list of badges, with their Markdown code, that can be included in a file for a GitHub or Bitbucket project.

The same file for reStructuredText code is available here: README.rst.

Table of content ## Table of content * [List of Badges, in Markdown](#list-of-badges-in-markdown) * [Generic](#generic) * [Useful](#useful) * [Maintained?](#maintained) * [Website up/down](#website-updown) * [Feedback](#feedback) * ["Ask me anything" in English](#ask-me-anything-in-english) * ["Demandez moi n'importe quoi" in French](#demandez-moi-nimporte-quoi-in-french) * [Python related](#python-related) * [Go related](#go-related) * [Markdown related](#markdown-related) * [LaTeX related](#latex-related) * [PyPI downloads](#pypi-downloads) * [PyPI version](#pypi-version) * [PyPI license](#pypi-license) * [PyPI format](#pypi-format) * [PyPI python versions](#pypi-python-versions) * [PyPI implementation](#pypi-implementation) * [PyPI status](#pypi-status) * [GNU Bash related](#gnu-bash-related) * [Microsoft Visual Studio Code related](#microsoft-visual-studio-code-related) * [Read the Docs status](#read-the-docs-status) * [GitHub related](#github-related) * [GitHub license](#github-license) * [GitHub versions/tags/commits](#github-versionstagscommits) * [GitHub downloads](#github-downloads) * [GitHub forks](#github-forks) * [GitHub stars](#github-stars) * [GitHub watchers](#github-watchers) * [GitHub followers](#github-followers) * [GitHub contributors](#github-contributors) * [GitHub issues](#github-issues) * [GitHub pull-requests](#github-pull-requests) * [GitHub Make a Pull Requests](#github-make-a-pull-requests) * [GitHub file size](#github-file-size) * [GitHub version](#github-version) * [GitHub hits](#github-hits) * [Bitbucket related](#bitbucket-related) * [Bitbucket issues](#bitbucket-issues) * [Bitbucket Watchers](#bitbucket-watchers) * [Bitbucket Fork](#bitbucket-fork) * [Bitbucket Follow](#bitbucket-follow) * [PackageControl related](#packagecontrol-related) * [Google Analytics](#google-analytics) * [Licenses](#licenses) * [MIT License](#mit-license) * [GPLv3 License](#gplv3-license) * [Creative Commons Licenses](#creative-commons-licenses) * [Open-Source](#open-source) * [Meta badges ?!](#meta-badges-) * [DOI and Zenody](#doi-and-zenodo) * [Say thanks](#say-thanks) * [Random](#random) * [Ages 20-30...](#ages-20-30) * [Built by...](#built-by) * [Twitting](#twitting) * [Built with...](#built-with) * [Uses...](#uses) * [Fun](#fun) * [References ? :notebook:](#references--notebook) * [TODO :boom: ?](#todo-boom-) * [Issues :sweat_drops:](#issues-sweat_drops) * [Possible TODO? :light_rail:](#possible-todo-light_rail) * [License ? :scroll:](#license--scroll-)


Generic badge

[![Generic badge](<SUBJECT>-<STATUS>-<COLOR>.svg)](



Maintained: Maintenance


Not maintained: Maintenance


Worse: No Maintenance Intended

[![No Maintenance Intended](](

Website up/down
















“Ask me anything” in English

Ask Me Anything !

[![Ask Me Anything !](](

“Demandez moi n’importe quoi” in French

Demandez moi n'importe quoi !

[![Demandez moi n'importe quoi !]('%20importe%20quoi-1abc9c.svg)](

forthebadge made-with-python

[![forthebadge made-with-python](](





Jupyter Notebook

Made with Jupyter

[![Made withJupyter](](

Google Collab

Open In Collab

[![Open In Collab](](

#### Binder Binder




GitHub go.mod Go version (/github/go-mod/go-version/:user/:repo): GitHub go.mod Go version of a Go module

[![GitHub go.mod Go version of a Go module](](

GoDoc reference ( GoDoc reference example

[![GoDoc reference example](](

GoReportCard ( GoReportCard example

[![GoReportCard example](](









PyPI downloads

PyPI download total

[![PyPI download total](](

PyPI download month

[![PyPI download month](](

PyPI download week

[![PyPI download week](](

PyPI download day

[![PyPI download day](](

PyPI version

PyPI version

[![PyPI version](](

PyPI version

[![PyPI version](](

PyPI license

PyPI license

[![PyPI license](](

PyPI format

PyPI format

[![PyPI format](](

PyPI python versions

PyPI pyversions

[![PyPI pyversions](](

PyPI implementation

PyPI implementation

[![PyPI implementation](](

PyPI status

PyPI status

[![PyPI status](](

Bash Shell

[![Bash Shell](](



Badge for version for Visual Studio Code extension naereen.makefiles-support-for-vscode

[![Badge for version for Visual Studio Code extension naereen.makefiles-support-for-vscode](](

Badge for installs for Visual Studio Code extension naereen.makefiles-support-for-vscode

[![Badge for installs for Visual Studio Code extension naereen.makefiles-support-for-vscode](](

Badge for rating for Visual Studio Code extension naereen.makefiles-support-for-vscode

[![Badge for rating for Visual Studio Code extension naereen.makefiles-support-for-vscode](](



Read the Docs status

Documentation Status

[![Documentation Status](](

GitHub license

GitHub license

[![GitHub license](](

GitHub versions/tags/commits

GitHub release

[![GitHub release](](

GitHub tag

[![GitHub tag](](

GitHub commits

[![GitHub commits](](

GitHub downloads

Github all releases

[![Github all releases](](

Github releases (by release)

[![Github releases (by release)](](

Github releases (by Release)

[![Github Releases (by Release)](](

Github releases (by asset)

[![Github releases (by asset)](](

GitHub forks

GitHub forks

[![GitHub forks](](

GitHub stars

GitHub stars

[![GitHub stars](](

GitHub watchers

GitHub watchers

[![GitHub watchers](](

Profile views

![Profile views](

GitHub followers

GitHub followers

[![GitHub followers](](

GitHub contributors

GitHub contributors

[![GitHub contributors](](

GitHub issues

GitHub issues

[![GitHub issues](](

GitHub issues-closed

[![GitHub issues-closed](](


Average time to resolve an issue

[![Average time to resolve an issue](]( "Average time to resolve an issue")

Percentage of issues still open

[![Percentage of issues still open](]( "Percentage of issues still open")

GitHub Pull Requests

GitHub pull-requests

[![GitHub pull-requests](](

GitHub pull-requests closed

[![GitHub pull-requests closed](](

GitHub Make a Pull Requests

PRs Welcome

[![PRs Welcome](](

GitHub file size

Only 32 Kb

[![Only 32 Kb](](

GitHub version

GitHub version

[![GitHub version](](

GitHub hits



GitHub Profile

Anurag's github stats

[![Anurag's github stats](](



Bitbucket issues

Bitbucket issues

[![Bitbucket issues](](

Bitbucket Watchers

Bitbucket Fork

Bitbucket Follow

Package Control total downloads

[![Package Control total downloads](](

Package Control month downloads

[![Package Control month downloads](](

Package Control week downloads

[![Package Control week downloads](](

Package Control day downloads

[![Package Control day downloads](](

Google Analytics

Warning: don’t forget to change your Google Analytics code, from UA-XXXXXXXX-XX to yours!






MIT License

MIT license

[![MIT license](](

GPLv3 License

GPLv3 license

[![GPLv3 license](](

GPL license

[![GPL license](](

Creative Commons Licenses

CC-0 license

[![CC-0 license](](

forthebadge cc-0

[![forthebadge cc-0](](

licensebuttons by-nd

[![licensebuttons by-nd](](

forthebadge cc-by-nd

[![forthebadge cc-by-nd](](

licensebuttons by

[![licensebuttons by](](

forthebadge cc-by

[![forthebadge cc-by](](

licensebuttons by-nc-sa

[![licensebuttons by-nc-sa](](

forthebadge cc-nc-sa

[![forthebadge cc-nc-sa](](

licensebuttons by-nc

[![licensebuttons by-nc](](

forthebadge cc-nc

[![forthebadge cc-nc](](

licensebuttons by-sa

[![licensebuttons by-sa](](

forthebadge cc-sa

[![forthebadge cc-sa](](


Version 1, in SVG: Open Source Love svg1

[![Open Source Love svg1](](

Version 1, in PNG: Open Source Love png1

[![Open Source Love png1](](

Version 2, in SVG: Open Source Love svg2

[![Open Source Love svg2](](

Version 2, in PNG: Open Source Love png2

[![Open Source Love png2](](

Version 3, in SVG: Open Source Love svg3

[![Open Source Love svg3](](

Version 3, in PNG: Open Source Love png3

[![Open Source Love png3](](

Open Source? Yes! Open Source? Yes!

[![Open Source? Yes!](](

Meta badges ?!

This is a badge to show that you like to put badges on your README:

Awesome Badges

[![Awesome Badges](](

And this is a meta badge : “some people like repo badges so this is a badge to count your repo badges”:



DOI and Zenodo

This is a badge to link to a DOI:




Discord Badges



Support Server

[![Support Server](](

Support Server

[![Support Server](](


Jetbrains Badges

official JetBrains project

[![official JetBrains project](](

JetBrains Plugins

[![JetBrains Plugins](](

Say thanks

A nice badge to give a link to (for example).




Ages 20-30…

ForTheBadge 20-30

[![ForTheBadge 20-30](](




Built by…

ForTheBadge built-by-developers

[![ForTheBadge built-by-developers](](

Built with…

ForTheBadge built-with-love

[![ForTheBadge built-with-love](](

ForTheBadge built-with-science

[![ForTheBadge built-with-science](](

ForTheBadge built-with-swag

[![ForTheBadge built-with-swag](](


ForTheBadge uses-badges

[![ForTheBadge uses-badges](](

ForTheBadge uses-git

[![ForTheBadge uses-git](](

ForTheBadge uses-html

[![ForTheBadge uses-html](](

ForTheBadge uses-css

[![ForTheBadge uses-css](](

ForTheBadge uses-js

[![ForTheBadge uses-js](](


ForTheBadge makes-people-smile

[![ForTheBadge makes-people-smile](](

ForTheBadge powered-by-electricity

[![ForTheBadge powered-by-electricity](](

ForTheBadge winter-is-coming

[![ForTheBadge winter-is-coming](](




References ? :notebook:

TODO :boom: ?

Issues :sweat_drops:

Possible TODO? :light_rail:

License ? :scroll: GitHub license

MIT Licensed (file LICENSE). © Lilian Besson, 2016-18.

Awesome Badges Maintenance Ask Me Anything ! Analytics Open Source Love svg3

ForTheBadge built-with-swag

ForTheBadge uses-badges ForTheBadge uses-git